Downloading Now Available

Because we got numerous requests for a download option with our streaming Foundations video, we decided to add it right away. It took us a bit of fumbling through this foreign land of ones and zeroes to get it all set up, but we’re happy to say it’s now launched!

If you’ve already purchased the streaming option, you just got an email notifying you of the update. Once you click on the link in the email, you will see the download link that says “TheFoundationsDownload.mp4” right above the streaming video. Click that link and download to your heart’s content.

If you haven't purchased the video yet, you can find it here.

Contents of the Video

Wondering what’s inside? Wondering when a specific section starts? We’ve just added the timestamps for each section to the description of the product page. For redundancy’s sake, here is the list of the contents below:

00:00:00     Introduction

00:06:10     The Tools

00:18:48     Sharpening

00:29:10     Thoughts on Design

00:30:50     Sourcing & Selecting Lumber

00:37:10     Stock Prep

01:00:00     The Mortise & Tenon Joint

01:23:55     Dovetails – Through & Half-Blind

01:43:55     The Nailed Rabbet Joint

01:49:03     The Dado

01:54:04     Thoughts on Period Joinery

01:55:10     Finishing with Shellac & Milk Paint

02:06:05     Conclusion


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