Apprenticeship Registration Now Open!

It’s go time!

Now’s the time to rush over to sign up for the Apprenticeship Program before it fills up again. Want 8 weeks of hand-tool woodworking practice? Need guidance and camaraderie? Do you need accountability to keep making shavings, but space to take it at your own pace? This woodworking program is designed for you. It’s an online-based group mentorship.

It requires commitment: There will be homework. There will be sweat. There will be lots of shavings.


Because the first term was so active, we brought on another team member to help: Joaquim Camillo. Joaquim signed up for our first term of the apprenticeship and was a stand-out student: incredibly skilled, supportive of fellow students, and inspiring to hear from. We’re delighted to welcome him on board as the Apprenticeship TA to help field the onslaught of questions in the class forums. You can read his bio on our “Team” page. He’s a valuable asset to the program. 

The folks in Term Two just finished last week and we got lots of great feedback. One student wrote of his experience, “We haven’t been simply taught techniques. We have been shown how to be efficient and productive. There are good reasons why so much learning has taken place. Joshua and Mike are tremendous artisan craftsmen. They know how to do things. What is equally important is the fact that they understand the teaching process. . . . Each has the ability to clearly articulate answers, solutions, and instructions.”

Another wrote: “I would and will recommend this class to anyone that is looking to broaden their skills or to gain a foundation for skills. I wish I had started here instead of sinking untold thousands on power tools.”

There are many more accounts of students’ relationships to wood craft dramatically improving through their apprenticeship. We are genuinely humbled at these responses and are so excited to take on the next group.

What do you say? Are you in?

Sign up now while there are still slots!



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