All Together Now


As we were packaging up this first batch of Boxed Sets, we remarked at how cool it is to see Issues 1-10 all together. Wrapping copies of Issue One, we shared stories about those early days and the in-over-our-head-but-loving-it feeling that pervaded every step we took. Mike and I have gotten to be the closest of friends over the past five years of this adventure, so for us, this project brings back so many memories: working side-by-side in my 14' x 17' first conservation studio space, taking road trips to woodworking shows in my stuffed-to-the-gills Caravan, learning how to film our own instructional videos, constructing our M&T timber-frame woodshop, our summer workshop, publishing our own books, the Carpenters Without Borders project, etc. We’ve done a lot together over the years, and if I’m being honest, seeing these magazines in their boxes today is making me feel a bit sentimental.

But really, this is a big milestone for us. An oft-repeated rule of thumb is that if a new business can survive five years, chances are good that it will have many more years ahead. We are so grateful for your support, folks. Because of you, M&T is stronger today than it has ever been… and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. We’ve got big plans for this year – and the Boxed Set is only the beginning.

Look for another release announcement next week...

– Joshua