A Slave to the Couch

I spent most of today on the couch. Because my wife and kids were out for the day (rare for homeschoolers like us), I had the whole house to myself for quiet editing work. Solitude is important for me because my assessment of writing is so much focused on cadence and flow. Sometimes I can make-do by silently mouthing along as I reread and edit. Most times, however, I’ve got to read it out loud to know if it’s working. Every writer’s got their own bag of tricks but this one is my go-to method.

So today I finished off a number of various pieces of editing for Issue Two. I combed through Peter Follansbee’s manuscript one last time, polished off Don Williams’ piece, and put a few of the last tidbits into my banister-back chair article. After finishing off my own rough manuscript, I sent it off to Jim for critique. He kindly responded with a list of recommended changes. Then I made those changes. (I always take Jim’s advice.)

This kind of work I used to do at my studio. It even became a makeshift office last year around this time. Since Mike started working full time in the studio conserving furniture, that option is no longer available. Although “co-working” is nice for most tasks, writing and editing is a solitary work for me. This leaves me homeless. Or officeless, I guess. I have been spending time at the library for some of this and it’s worked so far.

I suspect that the need for more space is going to hasten the completion of my new studio. Who knows… you may be seeing a lot of timber framing from us this spring. Until then, though, I will take the quiet where I can find it.


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