A Peek Inside Issue Eleven


For those of you who haven’t been spending your evenings flipping through the latest issue, we thought we’d share a brief look inside. Issue Eleven is full of rich and interesting spreads. Between all the chairmakers (and their drawknives) and the constant emphasis on the ‘folk’ in folk craft, we’ve got lots of humanized woodworking going on. This issue truly is a celebration of human creativity over against the sterility of mass manufacture.

The premium ($$$) paper we use is currently in short supply (what isn’t these days?), and so we had to purchase it in advance of the printing. Yes, this up-front cost stings a bit, but we’re resolved to keep with this stock because the final quality is, frankly, outstanding. The crispness and richness of the imagery printed on this uncoated page is a sight to behold. There is a warmth and “pop” to these photos I still can’t get over. The photos on in blog post do not do it justice.

And the writing in our essays keep getting better and better. So good, in fact, that one recent emailer wondered whether we had some secret writing genius ghostwriting for us. No way. Our authors have poured their hearts into these pieces, and we have given our all to hone them and do them the greatest justice we can as we join them to the photos. We only ship top-notch work.

All this to say, we are blessed to realize that, over the years, M&T has become a conduit of so much compelling and insightful work from some of the most experienced woodworkers and scholars alive. Issue Eleven is no exception. If we didn’t believe in this magazine with the core of our being, we’d probably hang in the towel. But I don’t see that happening any time soon. We are proud to hold up Issue Eleven as proof that a growing number of us believe that another, more human, way of working is still possible in the 21st century.


– Joshua


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