A Look Inside Issue Twelve

It’s been a wild ride working on the 1810 house project. We’ve been planning the rubble trench and granite block foundation, cleaning up and selling my double wide home (gone first week of June!), setting up the cottage for moving into (building railings for the loft, digging a water line, running wiring, etc). Anyway, there’s been a lot going on around here.

But in the midst of it all, Issue Twelve arrived! Our printer, Cummings Printing, has done a top-notch job, as always. We moved to them a few issues ago and have been so impressed with their consistency and quality. And the page spreads in this one are fun to flip through because the photographs are so captivating. I could go on describing it, but I’m here today to show you, not tell you. Check it out:

We’ve been getting lots of encouraging notes about this issue. We hear about Masashi article and Douglas Brooks’ Japanese boatbuilding piece. People have started making planes based on my article. And we’ve even heard from one woodworker who said he wished he read Mike’s article three months earlier before he amputated part of his thumb on a table saw. (You’ve got to read Mike’s article, folks.)

Based on feedback, this issue’s a hit.

If you’re a subscriber, you can expect your copy any day now. If you didn’t subscribe in time to get this one first thing, you can order a copy of our latest issue here.

Thanks again for your support! The next issue is already brewing in our minds. 



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