A Limited Number of Boxed Sets Now in the Store

Joshua and I had a blast building the dovetailed pine boxes to house our Issue 1-10 commemorative Boxed Sets. Cutting the joinery, planing, gluing up, and branding dozens and dozens of these was a tremendously fun learning experience. I don’t think there is a better way to improve woodworking skills than to practice these kinds of operations over and over again. In fact, so convinced was he of this truth that Joshua decided to write about the benefits of batch production for Issue Eleven.

We made a few extra boxes for the last batch, and also had a handful of people drop off the waiting list as the project continued. So we’ve put the remaining few Boxed Sets up for sale in our store. If you’re interested, if you’ve been eyeing these things since we announced them months ago, now’s the time to grab one.

First come, first served... this is the last of them.

– Mike


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