A New Chapter in Blogging


This post is the beginning of a new chapter in my blogging. For years, I’ve blogged at The Workbench Diary sharing the ins and outs of my little conservation practice on the coast of Maine. I’ve regularly posted about furniture related research, preservation, and recreation with the occasional glimpse into happenings on my homestead including goats, chickens, gardens, etc.

Even as Mortise & Tenon Magazine has been growing and blossoming far beyond what I ever envisioned, I’ve been maintaining (sort of) The Workbench Diary alongside. What has been happening lately is that because so much of my time has been spent on M&T it has naturally started to become the M&T blog.

As I’ve been sharing these M&T-related blog posts on social media, I’ve begun to feel like having a blog of a different name from the Magazine’s was confusing. Additionally, since I have hand-picked a team of people to work with me now, I really want to give them a voice on the blog. You will want to hear what they have to say, readers. These are some of the most passionate hand tool woodworkers around. As we grow and experiment and test our theories as a team, we want to be sharing it with you.

So I thought it would make more sense to relocate my blogging efforts to one regular place. I’ve opened up a new blog on the Mortise & Tenon website. You’ll be able to find it in the navigation bar by simply clicking on “Blog”. So, although www.workbenchdiary.com will remain a live static site, all new posts will be at http://mortiseandtenonmag.com/blogs/blog.

It really isn’t a sad ending, though. It will be the same stuff only in a different place. So from here on out, readers, follow us at the M&T website. Everything will be nice and tidy and in one place. (And commenting will be easier!)

 - Joshua

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