2017 Schedule of Events


Below are the events we have scheduled for 2017. If you’d like to take a workshop we’re teaching or chat with us in person, look below to see if you can make it out to any of these events. We hope to see you this year!


Center for Furniture Craftsmanship – March 10th Presentation: “Why I Cut the Cord” 

I’ve been invited to present this coming Friday to the Furniture Intensive students at CFC about how pre-industrial methods has informed my furniture making. Read about the school here.


Fine Woodworking Live 2017 – April 21st - 23rd – Southbridge, Mass.

Fine Woodworking’s live event. We’ll be there as a vendor. Looks like a great show with top-notch presenters. Visit the official website here.


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts – May 6th Workshop: “Introduction to Hand Tool Woodworking”

This is a class offered for local residents to introduce students to the fundamentals of hand tool woodworking. I count it an honor to give back to the community in this way. Read about it here.


Handworks 2017 – May 19th - 20th

Handworks needs no introduction. Mike will be there with the entire M&T booth. You can buy mags, DVDs, t-shirts, etc and chat about hand tool woodworking. Unfortunately, I am quite sure I won’t be able to make this one because my third baby will be born right around the event. Talk about bad planning! Visit the website here.


Lie-Nielsen Workshop - June 17th - 18th Workshop: “Cut the Cord: Build a Table with Hand Tools”

This is a hand tools meat-and-potatoes kind of class - an introduction to the hand-tool-only approach to building a table. I’ll bring period originals along for students to examine to help inform their working tolerances. The goal is to show how to work with pre-industrial efficiency. Sign-up for the workshop here.


Lie-Nielsen Open House – July 7th - 8th

Always a highlight of the year. Come hang out with like-minded hand tool fanatics. Hand tools, Maine, lobster and beer. No cover charge. What more could you ask for? More info here.


Pre-orders for Issue Three Open! – August 1st 

We are shifting the schedule of M&T #3 a bit earlier so that as we begin our twice-a-year schedule, it will be at convenient times of the year. Yes, you heard that right… starting with #3, M&T will be biannual. (Yes, biannual is the right word. You’re thinking of “biennial”.)


Issue Three Packing Party – Last Week of September or First Week of October

Come join us for the big packing party for Issue Three! We will be wrapping mags, filling ourselves with delicious food, and communing over craftsmanship. Read about the Issue Two party here. It was such a blast and went off so smooth that we’re doing it again!


Fall & Winter - Our New Headquarters!

Mike and I will be building a new workshop with a hand-hewn Vermont timber frame circa 1800.


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