Greenwood Course

Greenwood Course

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Following our “Foundations” and “Tables” online courses, Apprenticeship: Greenwood is a back-to-the-roots look at vernacular woodworking. Rather than focusing on the use of dried, dimensioned stock at the bench, Michael Updegraff brings the shop into the woods. From felling and bucking trees to drawknife work at the shave horse, keeping tools sharp, and even shaping and fitting a new haft for a hatchet, this video is an introduction to working wood with a deeper understanding of the material – an understanding that our ancestors shared. Wood is a living, changing material, and the benefits and challenges of expanding our horizons from the lumberyard back into the forest will help anyone become a better woodworker.

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Felling & Bucking


Workflow in the Woods

Spoon Carving

Birch Bark & Spruce Root

Round Mortise & Tenon Joinery

Steam Bending


Hafting the Hatchet

Conclusion & Credits


Total instruction time: 100 minutes