Vintage Photography, Sliding Dovetails, & an Auctioned Workbench

In this roundup of the Daily Dispatch, a table leg snaps off, a beautiful workbench gets some attention, and a funny old photograph receives some colorful commentary.


Things have been busy around here, as we’re into the crux of Issue Thirteen editing and design. Before we began announcing the Table of Contents on the blog, Joshua gave a first peek at Issue Thirteen on the Dispatch. This is the fun part.

One of the articles in this issue features throwback, vintage-style photography with the look of those early 20th-century woodworking manuals. This kind of photography presents some interesting challenges.


A friend forwarded along a Skinner auction listing for a beautiful, centuries-old workbench featuring a number of brilliant design details. Lots of conversation arose around the bench and its features, but the question is – who won the bidding?

In our research, we come across all kinds of interesting, curious, and frankly goofy pictures of woodworkers of the past. And some of these are begging for a caption. One such picture, a daguerreotype from the mid-1800s, received some hilarious attention from our Dispatch subscribers. Y’all are pretty funny.


Things break. And when a piece of furniture has been around a few hundred years, all the weak spots in its design will become obvious. Such is the case for the typical sliding dovetail that secures the cabriole legs of Queen Anne candlestands and tea tables. The example in our shop recently (re)broke in this area, but it will be repaired to its former glory. Antiques are not throwaway items.

Until next time, that’s the latest from the M&T Daily Dispatch.




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