Video: “Setting Up a Hand Tool Workshop”


Mike and I recently decided to begin a little YouTube series dedicated to the key considerations in setting up a hand tool shop. We plan to walk through the basic kit tool by tool, discussing essential bench features, etc. The first of the series was posted this afternoon – Mike begins with a look at the shop space itself.

You’ll notice in the background some of the white pine stock for our first batch of the Issues 1-10 Boxed Sets, all planed and clamped flat. This week, Mike and I have been working out the stock in preparation for joinery. There will be lots of tails, dadoes, and grooves to cut. Can’t wait.

We’ve already been fielding emails from eager customers who are looking for more details about the upcoming Boxed Sets. Thank you. It’s encouraging to see that we have such die-hard readers. Hang tight, y’all. We will be announcing a finalized price and the ordering procedure next week.

But I tell you what, it’s a change of pace for us to be working in a batch production mode. The use of layout templates, more exacting consistency in workmanship, and the sheer bulk of the work are not things we deal with when building one-off pieces. But we want these boxes to be consistent. The whole project is a lot of work, but we’re stoked to be back at the bench after the completion of Issue Ten (which I hear is well underway at the press, by the way!)

Anyway, we hope you enjoy the video above and that you keep your eye out for the next one. We’d like to see this series turn out to be a helpful resource.

Any questions? Feel free to comment below…

– Joshua


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