Video: Grinding & Freehand Honing a Plane Iron

Head’s up… I posted a free video tutorial this afternoon on the Daily Dispatch in which I walk through the grinding and freehand honing of a cambered plane iron. You do not need to be a Dispatch subscriber to view the video – this one’s gratis.

As Mike and I discussed on our last podcast episode, we believe freehand honing is an important skill for every woodworker to develop. Watching our Apprenticeship students work to develop the feel of this technique, I’ve realized afresh how important practice is. By the end of that sharpening week, many of them described experiencing a “eureka” moment.

To learn a new hand skill, you’ve got to watch someone do it and then do it yourself. So, I hope that you give this a shot. It won’t be easy at first, but once it clicks and your hand learns, there is not a faster or more empowering method.

It’s good to work free.



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