Trade Cards for the M&T Grant Program

We launched the M&T Research Grant program at the beginning of the year as a new opportunity for artisans and researchers to explore an area of interest and share their work with our readers. This program is intended not only for those who might benefit from financial support, but also for those who want to get behind new areas of study and invest in growing a deeper understanding of handcraft. We offer an option for folks to donate to the grant program and receive regular updates on the work going on. But we also wanted to thank these generous donors in another way.

Back in 2015, when Joshua was working through his vision of what this magazine would look like, he wanted to offer a special “thank you” to readers who supported the publication in its infancy. This idea became the special brown paper wrapping and wax-sealed trade card – a different card for each of the first several issues. These cards took a ton of time to seal and apply to every copy, and they were never intended to run for more than the first handful of editions. The writing was on the wall that this tradition couldn't continue. But we loved those trade cards, and it seems that everyone else does, too. We’ve looked for a way to bring them back into the M&T fold in a way that is both beneficial to the work of the magazine and sustainable for the future.

Enter the Grant Program. Everyone who donates to this program at a level of $25 or more will receive a special wax-sealed trade card denoting their support of that year’s research grant recipients. The card for 2021 features a beautiful image of workers in multiple trades along with that seal in the corner (applied in the Kleins’ kitchen, after their kids were tucked in bed). Folks, if you want to get a new M&T trade card as well as support pre-industrial craft research, this is the way to go.

And just as a reminder, the deadline to submit 2021 Research Grant applications is June 1. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! We are looking forward to selecting the program’s first recipients.



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