The Penultimate Packing Party

As we’ve been announcing the Issue Seven table of contents over the past two weeks, Joshua and I have been juggling the many logistical details that lead up to each issue’s release – both from an editorial standpoint (chasing down image permissions, formatting endnotes) and from a practical one (how many shipping labels do we need again?). And, of course, this means it’s time to announce the next M&T Packing Party! 

With every issue so far, we’ve had friends come in from far and wide to help us wrap each magazine in brown paper, affix a wax-sealed trade card, and place it in a rigid mailer with a few pine plane shavings. We’ve loved adding this special touch, and the fun of the packing party (communal meals, axe throwing, show-and-tell, late-night bonfires) has made the work fly by. 

But we see the writing on the wall. Every time a new issue has been released, we’ve had lots more magazines to wrap than the previous... we mean lots more. We’ve tried a few clever ideas to speed the process, but there is only so much that 30 of us can accomplish in two days. We regret to say that it seems the clock is ticking for the M&T Packing Party. In fact, as things stand right now, it looks like we only have two packing parties left – Issue Eight (Spring 2020) will almost certainly be the last.

So if you’ve wanted to get in on the action… If you’ve wanted to come up to Sedgwick, Maine for a couple days of crazy work, wonderful fun, great food, and excellent coffee, let us know immediately. The dates are September 27-28, 2019

Folks traveling in from a distance have the option of camping in the woods surrounding our shop. We have an outhouse and hot outdoor shower ready to go. Send us an email at if you’d like to sign up for a spot. It will be a weekend never to forget.


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