The M&T Shop: 200-Year-Old Wall Sheathing

This afternoon, Luke and his partner, Sara, came up from Vermont to deliver the 200-year-old  1-1/4” thick wall sheathing. About half of the load was from this frame originally but Luke threw in a bunch more of the same vintage and region to fill out the rest of our sheathing needs. We hauled the boards into the frame and loosely organized them by length and width.


We have a whole pile of boards that are up to 20” in width and other piles in the 12”-14” range. They are between 7 and 12 feet in length and all the boards have sash saw mill marks and beautiful patina. These will be applied to the outside of the frame as the finished interior wall.

We’ll then cut window openings into the sheathing and build a 2 x 4 wall outside that to house the insulation. The exterior will be finished with new vertical 16” wide pine boards (with wide battens beneath the joints) so that the interior and exterior will look as if there was no insulation.


Mike and I are working our butts off to complete this “Tables” video before we dive into this sheathing. We are very close and hope to be tackling these boards next week.

- Joshua


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