The M&T Craft Research Grant 2023

We’re excited to again open our Craft Research Grant for applications! If you haven’t heard, this program offers up to two grants per year to individuals or groups who are pursuing a craft, doing historic research, interviewing a master, or exploring museum collections. Besides offering up to $2,000 for each recipient, we also publish their work in a future issue of the magazine. So far, the Craft Research Grant has led to a fascinating look at vernacular violin making published in Issue Thirteen, and Issue Fourteen will include research on the disappearing craft of Taiwanese plane making. In the works are research on traditional Hawaiian ukulele makers, as well as a deep dive into the roots of Brazilian handcraft. I can tell you that we have greatly enjoyed corresponding with our grant recipients as they travel, make discoveries, and write – their enthusiasm has been contagious!

You can download the application for this year’s Craft Research Grant here – please note, you have to print it out and mail it in! We like physical copies of things, if you didn’t notice that already. Even if you don’t personally have some idea or area of research in mind that you’d like to chase down, please share this opportunity with others who might. You know that guy who’s obsessed with medieval three-legged chairs? The woman who makes beautiful basketry from ash splints she pounds herself? We want to hear from them!

Rather than setting a fixed deadline for applications this time around, we’re going to use a rolling deadline: As research ideas come in, we will be reading through them and will award grants throughout the year.  And because this program has gotten on its feet so successfully, we’re now funding it directly from the sales of our books and magazines. We’re extremely grateful for those who donated directly to the Craft Research Grant (thank you!) and have spread the word about the program. Now and in the future, you can continue supporting the Grant through purchases – subscriptions, books, even t-shirts. We can’t wait to see what’s next.


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