“The First Three Issues” Now Available for Pre-order

For those of you who have been dying to dig into Mortise & Tenon Issues One, Two, or Three but have been unable to secure a copy of from the original printing, today’s your day. As I discussed on Monday, we have decided to republish all of these articles in a one-volume hardbound book we’re calling, The First Three Issues. The pre-order window is now open.

We had Issue One in stock until early 2019, and when we announced our inventory was running low, the remaining supply depleted rapidly. Then Issue Two sold out later that year. Since then, we’ve had no option for folks to get either of these issues. Being a print-only publication has its disadvantages: massive printing bills, manufacturing errors, storage headaches, damaged or lost shipments, etc. We’ve learned to absorb all of these problems in stride (mostly). The primary downside to print from our customers’ side is that when something is out-of-print, it’s completely inaccessible to them.

Because another print run of the original magazines is out of the question, we decided to turn this content into something fresh and special. Though every page of Issues One, Two, and Three will be present in this book, The First Three Issues is much more than a simple reprint: There are several new essays about the history and philosophy of M&T with lots of behind-the-scenes photographs from the packing parties, trips and travels to shows and to interview artisans, woodshop construction and outfitting, and more.

The First Three Issues is going to be a massive book – over 450 pages. It will have sewn binding for long-term durability, matte-coated paper for a fresh presentation, and an index covering all three issues. The price is $55, and you can preorder your copy now.

Chris Schwarz’s engaging foreword to this book relays the moment he opened his shipment of Issue One: 

“When Issue One showed up, it was wrapped in brown paper and string, and it was sealed with a nicely printed card and red wax. Curious, I pulled it from its envelope and some garbage came out with it and fell on the floor.

It was a wood shaving from a handplane. And I could still smell the sap on it.

At that moment, all my fears and trepidation about the magazine disappeared. I realized that Joshua and (later) Mike Updegraff were both so crazy that Mortise & Tenon Magazine was going to take root, sprout, and quickly flower.

And that’s because these guys know – in their bones – a lot of things that no corporate magazine publisher seems to realize. People will gladly fork over good money for a high-quality publication. And that means good paper, crisp printing, and compelling stories. Even more, the readers will become rabid evangelists for your magazine if you simply treat them fairly.”

We believe keeping this content in print in The First Three Issues is going to be a wonderful way to commemorate the launch of Mortise & Tenon Magazine. You all have sent us on such a wild ride, and we have so much left to explore and publish – handcraft is a truly bottomless pursuit.

Our three families (the Kleins, the Updegraffs, and the Coxes) thank you so much for all your support. It’s because of you that we can keep this publishing effort going and keep food on the table as we do! Our growing children deeply appreciate it.

Speaking of that, I bet a new sticker’s coming soon – the hot sauce is running low.

– Joshua


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