The Dark Cold of Mid-December

We’re nearing the shortest day of the year, and it seems every year at this time I can just barely take it. The sun rose at 7:00 this morning and is beginning to set as I write this a few minutes before 4:00. Due to the thickening of the blood in this frigid season, everything in me seems to grind to a halt. It takes everything in me to keep up with the daily responsibilities (as pared back as they are). But I keep my head down and go about my tasks until it starts getting dark again.

I do think there’s a healthy seasonality to this whole thing that I’ve yet to figure out how to align myself with. My schedule does not allow for slowing down in December. But I think it should. It’s tempting to figure out how to do less physical work during this season – I should write more, maybe. But my mind moves as slow as my hands right now.

Usually, Mike and I prod each other through this time of year with excitement for our next big project on the horizon. And we do have some momentous stuff lined up. We’re working on Issue Twelve right now and then it’s full-on construction again. It’s going to be non-stop old house restoration

When this house project kicks into gear, we’re going to be quite busy. We’ll surely mention things about it on the blog occasionally, but there will be even more on the Daily Dispatch. This house project is, in fact, one of the main reasons we decided to launch the Dispatch: we want to bring you inside the details of this project.

So, there’s a lot to look forward to and a lot worth persevering for.

– Joshua


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