See you at Lie-Nielsen Tomorrow!

Mike and I did the final packing of the van today for the Lie-Nielsen Open House tomorrow and Saturday. Early tomorrow morning we’ll be heading down to Warren to setup in time for all the visitors. Last week, we worked pretty hard building an easily transportable but respectable display for shows. We wanted the look of a preindustrial cabinetmaker’s shop but relatively lightweight and easily assembled. After we built a 9’ knockdown Nicholson bench, we ripped 1.5” off the top of a partially rotten 8x8 hewn timber frame sill I had left over from my house project. With these “posts”  screwed to the back apron, we could attach horizontal sash sawn wide pine boards for “sheathing”. Topped off with “braces” and the new sign, we are now off and running. The whole display (with merchandise) takes us about 45 minutes to setup total. Not bad. This event will be its maiden voyage. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t miss this one, folks. The Lie-Nielsen Open House is a big deal every year. After you look at the list of demonstrators, you’ll agree. This one can’t be missed. We’ll see you there!

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