Podcast 29 – “Craft as a Daily Practice”



Many of us find it hard to get time in the shop. Work is demanding, home repairs pile up, the kids need to be carted to and from extra curriculars. When life is full, how can we make room for craft? In this episode, Joshua and Mike explore the value of regular, disciplined practice in a low-investment way. What if you spent only 10-15 minutes per day making shavings? Could you find ways to put tools in your living space so that it’s easy to pick it up for a few minutes? In episode 29, the guys argue that regular craft practice (even if it’s only a few minutes at a time) is more valuable in the long run than dedicating a whole afternoon every other weekend. They encourage you to find ways to weave craft into your daily life.


New Stickers: “Our Tools Shape Us” and “Build For Ever

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