Podcast #14 - “Tool Marks Tell Stories”

This episode of our podcast was recorded on the road yesterday as we headed back home from Portland, Maine. Fortified by delicious caffeine after a whole day of weaving rush seats, we reported on a number of research trips we’ve made in the past few weeks. We were given the opportunity to look deeply into an extensive collection of early 19th-century furniture and document their construction, and we share about the experience in this episode. Also, we discuss our visit into the workshop of Peter Lamb. Peter has a massive collection of antique tools and many of them have stories connected to people he’s close to. His philosophy of handcraft, creativity, and social justice is rooted in his relationship to his dear friend, Bill Coperthwaite, who has been a big inspiration to both of us.

We also discuss the articles we’re working on for Issue Seven, and talk about the upcoming worksong event we signed up for, which will be led by worksong researcher and performer, Bennett Konesni. 

Oh, and we got cut off by a Jeep during the recording.


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