Our New Book: "Greenwood Spoon Carving"


After two years of blood, sweat, and tears, Emmet Van Driesche (who is a leading teacher in the spoon carving world) has completed his latest book, Greenwood Spoon Carving. This book contains the fruit of his early years struggling through the isolated beginner stage to his successful career as a professional carver. Not only are his spoons some of the very best we’ve seen (they’re elegant, strong, masterfully executed), but he is also one of the best teachers on the subject. Emmet is clear, level-headed, and thorough. His passion to teach the art of carving wooden spoons led him in 2018 to launch his own print publication, Spoonesaurus Magazinethe periodical on spoon carving. I’ve been a subscriber since Issue #1, and am always impressed with Emmet’s drive to foster community through craft.

After two years of pouring his soul into this book, Emmet recently released the 400-page labor of love on a print-on-demand platform. Because the book is so big and so well done, the cost of doing this print-on-demand was painfully high: $275 a copy. But we got our hands on a copy and were jaw-dropped. This is the very best spoon carving book we’ve ever seen. We reached out to Emmet to see if we could get this thing printed at a cost any wood lover could swing. A longtime friend of M&T, Emmet agreed, and we immediately set to work arranging the print run. So, if you’ve been fascinated by the spoon carving craze and wondered how you could try your hand at it, or if you’ve struggled to sharpen your hook knife’s edges or make clean cuts, you can pre-order this book now. As a kick-off promotional offer, we’re giving free domestic (US) shipping for orders made before July 3rd. Get yourself a copy of Greenwood Spoon Carving. It’s a fantastic way to dive into the spoon-crazed craft world. This text is both casual and comprehensive. It’s like pulling up a stump to sit next to Emmet, and he just shows you how it’s done.

Product Description:

Carving a spoon from a piece of freshly harvested wood is a rewarding – and challenging – pastime. Tremendous knowledge about the properties of wood, and grain, and the use of sharp edge tools can be gleaned through this seemingly simple practice. There is more to it than meets the eye.

But many would-be spoon carvers don’t know where to begin. What tools are needed? What kind of wood should be used, and where do I find it? How do I hold my knife? And even those who have wandered down the spoon-carving rabbit hole discover even more questions: How do I make a clean transition from handle to bowl? How do I design a beautiful and comfortable spoon? How can I sell the spoons I make?

Greenwood Spoon Carving invites you on a journey into the fascinating world of spoon carving. Professional spoon carver Emmet Van Driesche has written a comprehensive and stunning guide that delves deep into the art and craft of spoon carving, offering step-by-step instructions, expert techniques, and valuable insights into the philosophy behind the craft. Van Driesche’s many years of experience as a teacher and carver shine through in this volume, with chapters on everything from tool selection, to sharpening, to setting up shop, to marketing your wares. It is the most thorough and informative guide to the craft available, hands down.

Beautifully illustrated with hundreds of full-color photographs, this book will inspire you to pick up a piece of green wood and a sharp blade and give it a try. Perfect for beginners and experienced carvers alike, Greenwood Spoon Carving will unlock your creativity to transform a humble piece of wood into a handcrafted treasure. This age-old craft will lead you into a deeper appreciation for both the natural world and the captivating art of woodworking.

400 pages, matte-coated paper, softcover with sewn binding. Printed in the USA.

Pre-order your copy before July 3rd!


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