Now Shipping Internationally!


One of the most consistent requests we’ve received since the launch of Mortise & Tenon is the ability to ship internationally. We regularly get requests from all over the globe for t-shirts, DVDs, and especially the brown-paper-wrapped and wax-sealed magazines. It took us a while to get things lined up be able to handle international fulfillment, but we finally feel ready to give it a shot.

So… we are now receiving international orders for anything sold in our store. Were you one of those folks that wrote us looking for a wrapped magazine? Now you can get your own copy. Wish you had the new shirt (or almost discontinued one) and new sticker? It’s yours.

Even though we are excited about this opportunity, we are also cautious about it because we fear headaches and hurdles. In all honesty, if it ends up not working out for us, we may have to permanently close international orders again so our advice is that if you really want these things, you should order sooner than later. Hopefully, there will be no problems and we can keep this opportunity forever but we just want to be upfront that we can’t make any promises. Regardless, we will continue to have our stockists carry the magazine (for a more economical shipping option) and as always, only magazines ordered on our website will be getting the fancy wrapping. It’s not something we can supply to stockists.

We appreciate your patience with us as we embark on this new front in the business. As you may recall, we’re just two guys (with the help of some friends) running this publication. We are very small scale but try our best to keep all our customers happy.

So... here goes, folks! Welcome to our store!

Добро пожаловать! 


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