New eBook: The Boston Secretary Photo Collection

As I’ve discussed M&T with readers, the exposure to pre-industrial workmanship is cited as the most powerful asset M&T brings to the woodworking community. I agree.

One of the things I wished I was able to do with Issue One was figure out a way to provide even more images of the Federal Boston secretary without it taking over the entire issue. In truth, I’ve got somewhere around 200 images of this piece, highlighting the insides and undersides, and finer details of craftsmanship. It has been bugging me that I have these images stashed away on my computer without a good way to present them to my readers.

I’ve thought long and hard about the best solution and decided that the best way to make these images available is by cleaning them up, culling only the redundant shots, and putting the entire collection into an ebook. Although Mortise & Tenon Magazine will never be offered in a digital format, many of you know that I have never been opposed to complimentary digital products. The very-soon-to-be-released  Apprenticeship Video Series “Foundations” video is one of those products, offered as a DVD as well as a digital download or streaming.

This Federal Boston Secretary photo book will be another one of those digital compliments to the magazine. It will not have essays describing the merits of the piece nor will it have plans for recreating it. This ebook will be a massive extension of the photo essay in Issue One with crystal clear imagery.

If you pored over those secretary pictures in Issue One and wished you could see more, this ebook is for you. The price is not yet nailed down but I’m aiming to keep it under $10. Expect to see it available on the website in the next week or two.

What do you think? Is this kind of exposure to period work of interest to you, readers?

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