New Book: “The Handcarved Bowl” by Danielle Rose Byrd

As we mentioned in the podcast yesterday, we are excited to offer Danielle Rose Byrd’s new book, The Handcarved Bowl, for sale in our store. Danielle is an amazingly talented artist – her work speaks for itself. Whimsical and beautiful, her bowls, trays, and panels push the boundaries of practical art in new directions, while maintaining a connection to the age-old practice of carving woodenware. 

The Handcarved Bowl is the best book we’ve seen on the practice of creating a carved wooden bowl from beginning to end. From selecting and maintaining the proper tools, to harvesting material in the woods, to design and execution, Danielle has knocked it out of the park with this reference. There’s even a chapter full of stretches and exercises to prevent injury and keep the body loose while working. Basically, it’s everything you need to know to begin making your own carved creations.

Danielle wrote for us back in Issue Three (soon to be republished in The First Three Issues), and it’s been so much fun to watch her gain acclaim and recognition through carving and green woodworking, doing the work she loves. In The Handcarved Bowl, she generously shares her knowledge with the rest of us, allowing novices and skilled woodworkers alike to confidently delight in the process of carving a wooden bowl. 

You can order your copy here.



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