Last Call to Order Issue Two


Big news, folks... this is the last call to order a copy of Issue Two! We now only have a couple hundred left in stock, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. We get emails all the time from folks begging to order a copy of Issue One even though they know it’s now out of stock. We expect the same will happen with Issue Two. So if you’ve delayed to pick up a copy, we recommend doing so now right here:


It’s a great issue with a ton of amazing authors including George and David Sawyer, George Walker, Chris Schwarz, Don Williams, Timothy Garland, Zachary Dillinger, Skip Brack, and Peter Follansbee. It’s also the issue in which we compared a bunch of historic dovetails on period pieces. I know this was eye-opening for a lot of folks who assumed historic cabinetmakers were persnickety about their joinery aesthetics. And I know a lot of people were encouraged to see what real-life handmade dovetails look like…


Order your copy now.