It's Lackluster, but it is Bowl Turning!

I love it when snow blankets the ground because it prevents me from getting to many of the chores I’ve spent the last nine months chasing. I always have so many irons in the fire between the animal and homestead responsibilities that a winter’s respite is dearly welcome. I usually use this time to explore something that’s been in my sights for a long time. Last week, I finally blocked out some time to make a few additions to my spring pole lathe so that I could dip my toes into bowl turning. I’ve accumulated a few of the necessary pieces over the past year or two but never could quite find the time. I bought the two centers from spooncarver and bowlturner Darrick Sanderson and a pair of hook tools from Owen Thomas.

Because these hook tools are new territory to me, I invested some time watching Sharif Adams discuss the turning process and then over two hours of him working from log to finished bowl. These are great videos. I also recommend watching Yoav Elkayam featured on the same channel. Also, my buddy Jarrod had a great live stream session in his shop that is well worth watching.

This is new territory for me and I’m loving it. Although my first small dish turned out rather lackluster, I think I got the hang of the way the tool functions. I will say that I picked it up way faster than learning to use all of the gouges and chisels in center turning. I plan to continue exploring this craft. There is so much more than making a simple bowl: handled mugs, cups, locking lidded boxes, flasks.


What an encouraging thing it is when people share the knowledge they’ve worked so hard to learn. It’s been an inspiration. Thanks for sharing, guys.

– Joshua



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