Issue Ten Table of Contents Released Monday

I’m in the thick of designing Issue Ten right now. I’m a few articles in and already find myself wonderfully lost in fine-tuning and finessing. There’s always a pile of bookmarked inspiration material laid out on the table, and edits and re-edits of photos stack up in my folders as I play with different presentations. It is a delightfully creative process that I’m consumed by every time. 

But that’s not what this post is about.

I thought I’d give you a heads up that starting Monday, we will begin sharing the Issue Ten Table of Contents here on the blog. We’ll announce one article per weekday, sharing a few photos and a description of what you’ll be seeing in print. Stay tuned for riving and shaving oak, forging fasteners, harvesting cattails, a reproduction of the most eccentric shop device we’ve ever seen, and more.

We like to keep the Table of Contents under our hats until we’re in production, so no one but our spouses knows about the contents of this issue. And even they don’t know all of it.

Be here Monday.

– Joshua


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