Issue Four Now Open For Pre-Orders!

The moment has finally come: Issue Four is available for pre-order!

As always, all subscription and pre-order copies ordered in our store will be wrapped in brown kraft paper affixed with the official Issue Four wax-sealed trade card (which just arrived from the printer today) and will be packed into mailers accompanied by pine plane shavings. 

The pre-order window will be open through March 21st. After that window closes, the trade cards and wrapping will no longer be available.

Issue Four ships out March 23rd and 24th. (Stay tuned for packing party details very soon.)

This issue is full of incredible authors: Jim Tolpin, Vic Tesolin, Charles Hummel, Jarrod Dahl, Will Lisak, Peter Follansbee, as well as several of the M&T crew: Mike, Jim, and Joshua. You can read a blog post about each of these upcoming articles here.

Thank you again for your support! We’re ecstatic to bring you this newest issue!


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