Issue Five: Examination of an 18th-century Tea Table

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In Issue Five, we will be featuring a photo essay examination of an 18th-century mahogany tea table that I purchased at an auction a while back. This examination is unique from our others in that the photos depict the sliding dovetail joint disassembled during conservation treatment. This is a rare opportunity to look at the minutia of how this joint was cut and fit – there are undercut and overcuts that tell a lot about how this craftsman was working.

Likely the product of an active shop, this table was skillfully made. The turnings are crisp, the carving is flawless, and the joinery was cut precisely. Whenever we get to see the work of competent craftsman up close, this gives us a frame of reference for standards of workmanship and appropriate techniques and we believe this close-up examination will prove to be illuminating to many of our readers.

- Joshua

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