Issue 13 T.O.C. – Michael Updegraff – “The Scraper Through the Ages”

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Michael Updegraff – “The Scraper Through the Ages”

Thousands of years ago, wood was often shaped through scraping, or running a sharp edge (a piece of chipped flint, for example) perpendicularly down the grain of the wood to remove material. Through the centuries, with refinements through advancements of quality edge materials, this simple concept has remained, being honed to create a tool today that does what no other can.

In Issue Thirteen, author Michael Updegraff will discuss the history and use of the humble but irreplaceable scraper – a tool that can produce a glassy surface on the most rebellious of wood grain. Looking back through the ages, he follows the progression from stone (shown above) to steel and the addition of that almost magical turned burr that changes a scraper into an incredibly fine cutting instrument. From the metallurgical properties of steel to a concise tutorial on sharpening, this article offers a complete and thorough look at the tool.

With practical advice on the use of the scraper in different woods and applications, as well as insights from old sources and modern woodworkers, you may find yourself regularly incorporating this simple tool into your workflow.

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