Issue 13 T.O.C. – Brendan Gaffney – “Root & Branch: Rediscovering the Uttermost Parts of a Tree”

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Brendan Gaffney – “Root & Branch: Rediscovering the Uttermost Parts of a Tree

As woodworkers, we tend to approach trees as if they offer us a single commodity. The clearest sections of the trunk produce the most valuable lumber, while much of the rest is chipped, burned, or left to rot. But trees offer so much more when it comes to useful materials for handcraft. 

Author Brendan Gaffney has spent the last several years exploring what can be done with the uttermost portions of a tree: the leaves, branches, and roots. In studying the craft practices of traditional cultures, he has found that no part of a tree was wasted. In Issue Thirteen, Gaffney looks closely at several long-overlooked elements offered by the birch tree. Offering practical instruction and insight, he helps us to see this resource with new eyes.

Making the most of our precious forests is of great importance to every woodworker. We need to approach these riches thoughtfully, not wastefully, taking what we need while leaving the woods even healthier for the generations that come after us. A deeper knowledge of our trees, and an approach that makes use of everything they have to offer, is key. 

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