Issue 12 T.O.C. – Jordan Goodwin – “For the Love of History: A Journey into Practical Blacksmithing”

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Jordan Goodwin – “For the Love of History: A Journey into Practical Blacksmithing”

Throughout the ages, the woodworker has always had a close connection with the blacksmith – whether for fasteners and hardware for a piece of furniture, or for iron or steel edge tools. These trades are inseparable, and any student of history recognizes this synergistic relationship. 

Author and blacksmith Jordan Goodwin is one such student. From a very young age, he found himself utterly fascinated by the past – specifically, the lifeways of early America. In Issue Twelve, Goodwin recounts his mostly self-taught immersion into the trade of the blacksmith, from early experiments with a rickety antique coal forge to current efforts of setting up shop for his full-time work. In telling his own story, Goodwin also recounts the history of smithing on this continent, the changes in technology and metallurgy that have taken place, and the strong link connecting his adopted trade to all varieties of woodcraft. 

We at M&T want to see a revival of this interconnected craft practice, whether it’s a hobbyist woodworker dabbling at nailmaking or jumping in with both feet and learning to make new edge tools. Goodwin gives us an inspiring story of successfully finding that connection, opening the world of possibilities that the trade of the blacksmith offers.  

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