Issue 07 T.O.C. – Jarrod Dahl on The New Wood Culture


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Jarrod Dahl


What is #thenewwoodculture? Is it a group of tattooed, barefoot spoon carvers who meet once a week to put knife to blank?  A trendy movement among young urban professionals who vow to use only wooden tableware? A fanatical revolution of green-woodworking, hand-tool disciples? Or simply a social-media hashtag applied to a photo of a machine-manufactured spoon for sale? In Issue Seven of M&T, author Jarrod Dahl, himself an accomplished green woodworker, bowl turner, and carver, seeks after the core values that define this movement.

While the kernel of the idea arose at Spoonfest in England, Dahl explores numerous aspects of traditional wood culture, from Sweden to Japan, in an effort to lay the foundations for the current explosion. He discusses the idealism that pervades many facets of the trend, while articulating the pragmatic decisions that production carvers must consider as they seek to make a living from their work. Through all this shines clearly the great joy and satisfaction that all participants in the movement find in shaping wood, that most versatile of natural materials.

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