Issue 07 T.O.C. – Examination of an Early 18th-century High Chest of Drawers

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Examination of an early 18th-century High Chest of Drawers

There is often more than meets the eye when it comes to a piece of antique furniture. In this issue, we’ll be examining an early 18th-century high chest of drawers that has experienced many interesting modifications and repairs in its centuries of use. From simple updates of brasses and necessary fixes to much more invasive alterations in style that reflect changing period tastes, there are many different layers to examine here.

In this thorough photographic essay, we will look at the subtle details that point to those decisions made in the past, and consider why such decisions might have been necessary. Anyone who owns a piece of antique furniture is simply a caretaker for the future generations who will enjoy it, and studying this piece can help us to consider the maintenance and treatment of furniture in our care today.

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