Interview with Tool Collector Skip Brack: Issue Two Table of Contents

Liberty Tool Company in Liberty, Maine has become a legendary stop for woodworkers vacationing in Maine.  This massive three floor grange hall full of antique hand tools is the labor of love of Skip Brack. Brack has been picking tools all around New England for decades and turning them around for sale to honest to goodness users. His prices are very affordable and his selection is reliable. You won’t often find rare mint collector items but if you are in need of a trusty jointer plane or a Stanley #4, you know Skip will have tons of options for you. If can’t find what you’re looking for at Liberty, then you can try his two other tool stores not far away.

This interview explores Skip’s drive and motivation to spend his life putting tools back in the hands of craftsmen. As Skip sees it, preserving old tools is the best way to foster sustainable communities into the increasingly fragile digital future. 

A fascinating character, Brack is the epitome of the New England frugality and work ethic. Going strong at 72, Skip is still continuing to make his every other week trip down the coast to stock up for each new season.  He says he will continue to pour himself into this work “probably until I kick the bucket”.

Check out this fascinating interview with a man of a dying breed. Issue Two pre-orders are only 3 weeks away!


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