Interview with David and George Sawyer: Issue Two Table of Contents

Regularly in my interactions with colleagues I get leads and recommendations for stories. The one that stood out above all else to me was a recommendation from Peter Galbert that I do an interview with legendary chairmaker David Sawyer and his son George, who is now taking over the business. David has a reputation for being one of the most influential Windsor chairmakers in the early days of the modern Windsor revival. I leapt at the opportunity and arranged a visit with the Sawyers. I made that trip this spring, on a drive back from New York, and spent a few wonderful hours with this rural Vermont family. We talked craft, design, technology, rural life, homesteading, etc.

It was a visit I will never forget. The graciousness and generosity of that family is inspirational. It was a delight to see such an influential figure as David able to pass the baton on to the next generation. Watching David interact with his son in the shop was surreal. It was almost as if he were looking back through time on his younger self working. The way that his work lives out in his son is unique in this day and age.

This interview is one that my content editor Jim McConnell and I have very much enjoyed working through. We worked hard to let Dave and George’s humble sagacity shine through the pages of this interaction. We think this tribute to David and his work will resonate with furniture makers struggling to make ends meet and will inspire new makers to dive deep into a life of making that provides a fulfillment that cubicles and screen time never will.

Look out for this in Issue Two. It truly is a special piece that we are honored to publish.

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