“Incite Craft” Sticker Back in Stock

Each new run of M&T merchandise (shirts, stickers, etc.) is a unique design. At any given time, we’ve usually got a few ideas in the pipeline. In fact, I’m currently working on a new sticker which we hope to release in the next few weeks. This approach makes more work for us, but the tradeoff is that it keeps the merchandise fresh and interesting. We do our best to guess the level of interest so that anyone who wants one can get one. Every once in a while, though, we underestimate.

Our “Incite Craft” sticker back in 2019 was one of those items. Because it went so quick, we recently decided to order another small run. You can stick these things on your car, water bottle, or laptop because they’re rugged and can take the abuse. We order these from Sticker Mule because they do top-notch, high-quality work. And because they send us hot sauce. 

My boys love their “Mule Sauce,” and we only have half a bottle left right now, so please help my kids out by depleting our supply of stickers – I’m going to have to get another order in soon.

You can get your sticker here. $3.00, free domestic shipping.

My children thank you.

– Joshua


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