Help! All of Phil Lowe’s Furniture Plans for Free?

We need your help. The late woodworking legend Phil Lowe is about to honored in one of the most democratic and noble ways possible: all 350 of his full-size furniture drawings are going to be digitized and distributed for free. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Phil Lowe has probably studied and reproduced more historic American furniture than 99% of woodworkers alive today. This is the reason we interviewed him in Issue One, and the reason everyone defers to his expertise. 

Lowe’s student, Nick Maraldo, and longtime shop assistant, Artie Keenan, are taking it upon themselves to organize and coordinate large-format archival scanning of the drawings so that they can be archived in an online database for woodworkers to use for free. After the scanning work is complete, the drawings will go to the Peabody Essex Museum, whom Phil had a career-long relationship with, for preservation.

So, here’s how you can help. This specialized scanning is super high tech ($$$) – It’s the kind of thing MET, MFA, and MIT use for their important documents and two-dimensional artifacts. To make this thing possible, Nick and Artie have started a GoFundMe. We are ecstatic about this project, because Phil’s exquisite drawings show us the dimensions and joinery for many of the most important and interesting historic American furniture pieces in existence.

So, here’s what we want from you. We’re auctioning a copy of each of my books (Hands Employed Aright, Another Work is Possible, and Joined) as well as a last remaining wrapped copy of Mortise & Tenon Magazine Issue One (totaling $153 new). I will be signing each with a personal “Thank you” for supporting Phil’s legacy. 100% of the auction price will go to this GoFundMe, plus M&T will match the selling price.

So, for a noble cause, bid this listing through the roof. We’ll double your money. 

For Phil. And for woodworkers everywhere.

– Joshua



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