“Foundations” DVD Back in Stock


OK, OK. We give up. After almost two years of fielding email requests for DVDs of our Apprenticeship: Foundations instructional video, we finally decided to do another run. When we ran out, we assumed that everyone who wanted a DVD rather than streaming would’ve purchased already, but it turns out we were wrong. Streaming is not for some folks.

So, at long last, the Foundations DVD is back in stock. We also have our other Apprenticeship videos in DVD: Tables and Greenwood. We believe that with these three videos, you should have ample instruction to build most any item of furniture. Yes, each form has its own construction, but all the basic skills are laid out in these three films.

This Foundations video was the first we produced and focuses on the basic tool kit, sharpening, lumber, stock prep, the basic joinery, and shellac and milk paint finishing. This video goes hand-in-hand with my latest book, Joined: A Bench Guide to Furniture Joinery. The video has lots of footage and minimal commentary (only what you need and no more) so that you can pay attention to the work itself. Joined is profuse with photography but also offers more discussion. If you’re looking to learn a pre-industrial approach to cutting joinery, Joined and Foundations are a sound pair to get you on your feet.

Here’s the trailer for the film:



Also, there are also a couple excerpts we put on YouTube:



Order your copy of Foundations here. We have streaming/download or DVD options available. Make sure you select the correct format before adding to the cart.

 – Joshua


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