Final Call For “Another Work is Possible” Bundle!


Today is the last day to order the Another Work is Possible book-and-film bundle for the discounted rate of $63. Starting tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 1st, the only option to purchase these products will be as individual items at full price.

You can order them individually now at these links below:
The book alone is $50.
The film alone is $25


Mike and I wrapped up copy reading the book this afternoon, and it’s going out to the printer on Monday morning. We are so proud of everyone that helped put this book together, and know that if you are into what we publish in the magazine, this book will be right up your alley. 

We thank you so much for supporting our families by purchasing our publications. Being able to put food on our tables with this a small-scale independent magazine has been a real trip for us. Mike’s, Grace’s, and my families all thank you for your enthusiastic support! Your passion keeps us going. Thank you!!!

- Joshua


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