Diderot, a Magnificent Slick, & Future Projects

This week in the Daily Dispatch, Denis Diderot makes a cameo, Joshua hints at an upcoming project, and we discuss old timber treatments (or lack thereof).


As I mentioned last week, we’re working hard on Issue Thirteen these days. In pulling together some information for a caption in one of this issue’s articles, I spent some time digging through Diderot’s Encyclopédie. And once again I realize, c'est fantastique.


We received a very special gift from a friend for the House by Hand project. Since we have a number of scarf joints to cut and repairs to tackle, he generously sent this our way. An elegant tool, for a more civilized age.


As is always the case around here, even while we’re hard at work on one project, we toss around ideas for new ones. Most of these end up on the cutting room floor. But this one might work out.


In another edition of “Ask M&T,” we address a question about old timber frame treatment. Were the house timbers we’re working on ever treated to help prevent decay? If so, what would that treatment have been?

And finally, Issue Thirteen is nearly ready to head out to the printer. The timbers for the house project have been sitting patiently in the work yard awaiting our return. It won't be long now...

Until next time, that’s the latest from the M&T Daily Dispatch.




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