Coming Soon: “Skills Over Jigs”

This week, Mike and I have made significant progress on the filming of our new online course focused on hand-tool skill building, which we’re calling “Skills Over Jigs.” Mike has been editing the cuts between recording sessions, and at this rate, we’re hopeful to have the course live and available for purchase before the end of next week. 

Besides a wayward board incident the other day, the production has gone off without a hitch. (It pays to plan all the details ahead of time.) 

We’re excited about releasing this new material, because we’ve seen over the years that many woodworkers are insecure about their skill level and don’t know how to improve. They make up for this by purchasing the hottest new jig that assures repeatable (and mindless) success. This marketing promise is ages old – somehow these things are always cheap, quick, and easy. But we all know better. We know skills requires practice.

But many of us don’t even know where to start. “Skills Over Jigs” is going to challenge you no matter what your skill level. The newest beginner and the most experienced veteran will be presented with the opportunity to test their mettle – to do better work faster. This is not a show-off program teaching you absurd parlor tricks. Instead, it’s a series of exercise that instill fundamental hand skills. If you go through the challenges in this course and honestly assess and constructively critique your work along the way, you will become a better woodworker than you are today. No, it’s not marketing hype or hyperbole. Skill is developed through attentive and careful practice – this course simply guides you through that process.

So, if you’re looking to honestly assess your skill level and vow to get better, stay tuned for the release announcement next week. 



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