Captivating Wood Science Videos

Wood is weird. Sometimes it seems like it has a mind of its own and surprises you with its behavior. There is mystique about particular species and their unique qualities, unparalleled by any other. What accounts for these peculiarities? Why is wood the way it is?

I stumbled across a pile of excellent wood science videos the other day and thought they were worth sharing here. Dr. Callum Hill makes helpful use of a light board to put into plain English the nature of wood. Anyone who calls themselves a woodworker should understand at least some of this information. There are a ton of videos on their YouTube channel, but check out a few here:

As they’ve put it, “The lecturer in this series is Prof. Dr. Callum Hill. He has been a senior lecturer in wood science at Bangor University and a Professor of Materials Science at the Centre for Timber Engineering, Edinburgh. He is now a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Bath and a Visiting Researcher at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research and has his own consultancy that deals with life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting and sustainability assessments. The videos were produced at Aalto University in Finland under the direction of Prof. Dr. Lauri Rautkari, who is leading the Wood Material Science and Technology research group ( The videos are part of an open access Wood Science course ( at the Aalto OpenLearning platform, designed by Lauri Rautkari, Michael Altgen and Daniela Altgen.”

If you want to better understand the material of your craft, go get lost in these videos. What a valuable resource.



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