Can’t Win ’Em All


Mike and I were working on boxes today and remarked about how delighted we were that we’ve not screwed up any pieces thus far. Every joint has come together with only minor fettling and all look nice and tight after paring.

We should have knocked on wood. 

Within minutes, we had to abandon two side pieces, one from a check that emerged and the other from human error. I love moments of humbling irony such as this. They remind us in a small way that no matter how many times think we’ve got life covered, there is always the opportunity for a faceplant around the corner. It’s a mercy to be reminded of this principle in trivial circumstances such a dovetailing, because learning this one in consequential areas has a sting that lasts even after closing up shop.

So, I am thankful there are Mondays, but I am also delighted to know there are Tuesdays. In the morning, there will be more tails to cut and more boxes to glue. 

Can’t win ’em all.

– Joshua


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