A Big Crane, Drawer Bottoms, and a Timber Cart

This week in the Daily Dispatch, a house vanished, a new forum opened up, and we talked about drawer bottoms.


In a shift of gears, we did not cut any timber-frame joinery this week – but massive progress was made in the house project! In a flurry of activity that may have constituted the greatest degree of excitement around here since the 2019 CSF project, the old Klein modular home was hauled away early in the week. The moving crew had some serious skill in manipulating such a bulbous load down the narrow driveway. And the rental place was out of small cranes… so they brought in a HUGE one.

We opened up a new resource for Daily Dispatch followers this week: the M&T Dispatch Forum. Here you can share photos, links, videos, and information on antiques, tools, or hand-tool woodworking. Folks are already settling in and getting to know each other. If you’re a signed up for the Dispatch, you have access!

Joshua and I pulled out just about all the drawers we could find here in the shop for a discussion of the best methods for attaching drawer bottoms in this week’s segment of “Ask M&T.” From nailed-on (not really recommended) to floating in a groove, we went through the process of cutting joinery and whether to utilize a dedicated fixed plane for the groove, rather than an adjustable one. It was a fun conversation, and hopefully informative.


And finally, I put up a few glamour shots of our new timber cart, purchased from Grigg’s Timber Carts in Virginia. This thing is the Rolls-Royce of timber carts – everything is extremely solid and well-made. We are excited to give this cart a serious workout in the upcoming months (and to relieve some of the load off our backs).

Until next time, that was this week on the M&T Daily Dispatch.



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