Beginning the Transition to Issue Two

With WIA coming up this weekend, we’ve decided to begin discussing the contents of Issue Two publicly. The table of contents, which has been under wraps as of yet, is something I have been itching to announce for a while now. I will be making the T.O.C. public first at my WIA display and then, after I get back from the show, I’ll publish it here on the website. Drop by the M&T booth and be the first to see what is coming up in the next issue.

In the spirit of transition to Issue Two, we’ve discounted the Issue One Cover posters half off. They are now $7 instead of $15. Also, the stickers have been knocked down a dollar to $3. You can plan to pick these up at WIA or, if you won’t be able to make it, you can order at our store here.

Today, I am in the middle of preparation and packing for show. Starting tomorrow evening, I set out on my trek down to Cincinnati. My friend, Brendan Gaffney, maker of ancient measuring devices, and I are going to be road tripping and camping together all week. He promised to bring along his OP-1 for the drive. I’m already picturing it: a handtool woodworker and ancient rulemaker blaring our own electronic music down the highway to one of the largest woodworking shows in the country. It should be a fun scene.

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