Ask M&T…

We get a lot of questions through social media and email about all sorts of stuff that we can’t necessarily fully address. Also, we naturally get a lot of repeat questions from readers. In order to help answer these questions as well as encourage others to ask more, we have decided to begin an “Ask M&T” video series. These will be concise answers to direct questions from you all. Ask whatever you want about what we got going on here… We’re pretty transparent folks. “What’s your favorite tool?” “What’s the most essential hand plane to have?” “What power tool do you secretly wish you had?” “Why don’t you guys publish the magazine more frequently?” “Why don’t you make a digital version?”

We don’t pretend to know it all but we think opening ourselves up to questions will make for a good time. So, there we have it. We’re open for questions, folks. Leave them below in a comment or email them to (We will only share your first name.) What questions would you like to hear us answer?

- Joshua