“Another Work is Possible” Available at Midnight Tonight

Tonight is the big release we’ve been waiting so long for! The “Another Work is Possible” book pre-order and film are available at midnight (Eastern time).

We began planning the logistics of the Carpenters Without Borders project way back in March and spent most of 2019 focused on preparing for and recovering from this intense event. Finally, late tonight, this work culminates when we open orders to share this incredible event with you. In only a matter of hours you will be able watch the film, and the book will go to the printer after final copy editing (Book delivery will be late March).

We had an M&T family screening of the film last night, and it was a blast. There were many laughs and sweet memories brought back of these folks and their incredible work. And we got our first review: Grace’s little one shouted out at the top of her lungs, “That was awesome! That was AWESOME!” Another one of our diminutive reviewers said, “I [yike] movie.” Well, that’s a strong start. We’re looking forward to more insightful feedback like this from you all.

In anticipation of tonight, we have just released the film’s trailer (above).

Be ready, y’all. Tonight is going to be exciting

– Joshua


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